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Sangoma Phone System FreePBX 100

Sangoma Phone System FreePBX 100


Phone System FreePBX 100

This Appliance Phone System from FreePBX and Sangoma is an all-purpose, high-performance PBX solution that can accomdate any size business. This PBX has been designed specifically for users who desire optimal performance and a dependable PBX solution. Pre-loaded with FreePBX Distro, this product features a 1-year warranty and is an ideal fit for businesses that are seeking more from their current PBX offering. 

FreePBX Phone System 100 Overview and Features

This FreePBX appliance accomodates up to 100 users or up to 30 simultaneous calls and features 360GB of Storage, 2GB of Memory, and 2 PCIe Slots for a PSTN Expansion Card. 


  • 1 year warranty
  • Atom Dual Core
  • FreePBX Distro Pre-Loaded
  • Small Form Factor Case
  • FreePBX Auto Provisioning
  • 2 GB of Memory
  • 360GB of Storage
  • Networking 6 GbE
  • Console Access

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