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Switchvox Blue Dialer

Switchvox Blue Dialer


AutoDialer allows you to create multiple campaigns by uploading your telephone numbers database from a .csv file or manually input each record. Once the dialer connects the call, it can be transfer to an ACD group, IVR to play a prerecorded Message, Voice Mail or system extension. AutoDialer gives you the option to power dial providing massive calls, play a prerecorded message and then disconnect the call; and/or progressive dial by mass calling and once the call is connected, it is transferred to a life agent.

The AutoDialer can be installed as an Appliance or as a Virtualized Solution.

AutoDialer, built on the Linux Open Source engine, is TelOnline's development for SMB to maximize your business communications. The AutoDialer software supports integration with Switchvox a Digium's Unified Communications. The AutoDialer is easily provisioned with a graphic user interface (GUI) that allows you to configure multiple campaigns, upload databases, clone campaign and select records to a Do Not Call.

This item includes license and installation

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