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CP1 features a 1080p wide angle HD camera, 3G Cellular modem, 3-Axis G-Sensor, Microphone, SD storage, SIM card slot, integrated GPS receiver, permanent power cable with optional vehicle input sensors, & a tamper-resistant design.

Develop to provide evidence of events leading up to and during road traffic accident, the CP1 provides instant notifications and videos of safety-critical events on the road.

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What's in the Box?

  • CP1 3G Enabled Dash Camera
  • Adjustable Winshield Bracket Mount with 3M adhesive pad
  • Secure SD/SIM card cover and torx screw
  • INT1S Power Cable with unterminated connections Power(BAT+), Ignition, and Ground(BAT-). Two I/O trigger inputs.
  • Adhesive Cable Clips for clean installation
  • VOID/Tamper seal
  • 32GB high-performance SD card
  • Quick start guide

  • Optional Accessories

  • SW-PB: Remote panic button for CP1.
  • Extra SD Storage: Upgrade to 64GB SD card
  • CP1-CIG: Cigar Jack Power adaptor
  • SVA4812: DC to DC Power Converter - (Input voltage: 14v-48v. Power output: 12v +/- 0.5v)

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