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At CyberData, we design-in quality! We begin with a functional specification that includes quality criteria, then develop a customized Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing Plan for your product. Our QA procedures include vendor audits, incoming material inspections and internal manufacturing and assembly audits. Production tests are also performed during the assembly process, such as burn-in testing and complete functional verification. We also provide routine first-article, reliability and environmental testing as required.


Our experienced staff includes experts in electrical engineering, hardware design and embedded programming. Our team can provide creative and effective solutions to your product development and manufacturing requirements. Our team offers:

  • Electrical Engineering–Specializing in VoIP and POS products
  • Software Development–Specializing in embedded programming as well as Windows and Linux
  • PCB Design–Single or multi-layer boards, analog or digital, power supplies, SMT or Thru-hole components
  • Industrial Design–We use state-of-the-art design and solid modeling software to balance product packaging with reliability and ease of assembly.
  • Mechanical Design–We provide in-house design of sheet metal, cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and mechanical systems.
  • Documentation Support–We provide in-house engineering schematics, PCB artwork, Bills of Material (BOMs), functional product specifications, manuals, and all pertinent documentation. We make support files available through secure file sharing.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Testing–We conform to your specific regulatory and compliance requirements. We perform preliminary emissions and ESD testing to ensure your requirements are being met. Our regulatory staff stays current with international compliance requirements.