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Digium G400 Quad T1/E1/PRI Gateway

Digium G400 Quad T1/E1/PRI Gateway


Digium G400 T1/E1/PRI Gateway

The Digium G400 quad T1 gateway allows you to bridge the PSTN to an IP PBX, SIP to a legacy analog PBX, or migrate from a legacy PBX to an IP PBX without installing a Digium TDM Card into your server. Up to 120 Concurrent calls.


Digium G400 T1/E1/PRI Gateway Overview

Preserve precious server resources by taking the transcoding off the server and putting it into a standalone appliance. The Digium G400 gateway is easy to use and configure and can be much easier to deploy in your network than integrating a Digium card into your server. In addition, The Digium Gateway can be used with multiple servers simultaneously.


Digium G400 T1/E1/PRI Gateway Features:

    • Call Management Features:
    • -Automatic Call Type Detection: Voice/Modem/Fax
    • -Answer and Disconnect Supervision
    • -Trunk Group Support
    • -Dial Plan Support
    • -Call Routing Rules
    • -Call Routing Groups
    • -Pass Through Support for calls to toll free, local and emergency services numbers
    • -Automatic appending and stripping of digits to dialed numbers
    • -Caller ID name and number support
    • -Fax and Modem support
    • Technical Specifications:
    • -Four 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet connections
    • -Internal universal power supply for 100 – 240 VAC
    • -Dual RJ45 connector for Ethernet
    • -4 x T1/E1 Ports
    • -Echo cancellation
    • -Auto codec negotiation via SIP
    • IP Telephony:
    • -SIP (Support for multiple SIP endpoints)
    • -Audio Codecs
    • --G.729
    • --G.726
    • --G.711 (Coding Support for A-law and u-law)
    • --GSM-FR
    • --G.722
    • -Auto Codec Negotiation
    • -Fax and Modem Support (T.38 and G.711)
    • T1 Signaling:
    • -PRI Signaling protocols:
    • --National ISDN-1
    • --National ISDN-2
    • --4ESS (AT&T)
    • --5ESS (Lucent)
    • --DMS100 (Nortel)
    • --Q.SIG
    • T1 CAS :
  • --E&M
  • --E&M Wink
  • --Feature-Group-D (DTMF, MF)
  • --FXS Loop Start with Forward Battery Disconnect
  • --FXS Loop Start
  • --FXS Ground Start
  • --FXO Loop Start with Battery Disconnect Supervision
  • --FXO Loop Start
  • --FXO Ground Start
  • E1:
  • -PRI (EuroISDN or Q.SIG)
  • DTMF Signaling via RFC 2833

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